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Ashwin Pandya is a Kriya Yogi - Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. He founds the Utkarsha Yoga of Evolutionary Healing with the Disciplines he Practices are Healing Interpretation and Mineral Analysis of Hands, Yoga through Water, Studies and Philosophy of Vedas and Rishis, Remedial Massage Therapy, Reflexology of Hands and Feet. Healing of Head and the Brain - all Organs and Areas performing Phrenological Functions, Faculties, Conscious, Subconscious and Supra Conscious Memories Natural Gynaecologic Care, Healing through Music, Art, Creativity, and Mastering of Skills.

He always Explores Positive Factors of Healing from all Vegetarian Foods as the Best Appropriate Minerals for Treatment, Cure and Recuperation from all Illnesses through Cleansing of Human Systems.



Ashwin Interprets Living Being (Jiva) Quintessentially, Commissions Soul (Atma). He Reveres Women as Goddesses and Mothers of Human Race God has Created. He helps them to Recover through Healing Methods and Guidance. He Advocates and Proliferates in his duties to Raise Awareness and Courage in them to Control the Suffering and Removing of all Obstacles in life.

Ashwin Travels All Round the World in the Rapids of Time Cycle Spanning Half a Century to Interact, Interpret, Strengthen, and to Collaborate with all through Giving Hand Readings using the Best of Calibre, Expertise, Knowledge, Learning of Cultures and Traditions which Honour the Truth in Lord. He Extols the Virtues of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu/Rama/Krishna, Lord Brahma, and Devotees - Sri Hanumanji, Sri Ganeshaya/Lord Jesus, Gautam Buddha, Mahaviraji, Paramhansa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Satya Saibaba, Srila Prabhupada, Sri Aurbindo, Mataji, Sri Raman Maharshi, Sri Shankaracharya, Babaji, Lahirimahasaya, Sri Yuktesvaraji, Paramhansa Yogananda and he expounds Utkarsha Yoga as the Path of Self Realisation.

He Studies and Examines the Hands of Thousands of Seekers of Divine Recondite Knowledge of Art and Science of Hand Reading from 1960 - Onwards, Speaks on Radio, Appears on TV, Media and Festivals Worldwide as a Hand Reader in Hawaii, Seattle, New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Orlando, Washington, Chicago; Canada - Vancouver, Victoria BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Niagara; Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Queensland; New Zealand - Auckland, England, Scotland, Wales; Ireland - Dublin; All India; Germany - Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmunder; Belgium - Brussels, Gent, Bredene; France - Provence, Cannes; Spain - Barcelona, Ibiza, Majorca; Italy - Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Sorrento; Singapore; Hong Kong; Tokyo.

He wins Applauses and Respect as Child Singer, First Prize/s in Elocution Competition and gains Silver Cups and Awards in Swimming Races. He gives his Services as Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Carer, Community Interpreter, Pianist, Music Performer and Singer in the Community Organisations. He Participates as Hand Reader in Yoga Show, Mind Body Spirit and Mind Body Soul Festivоals as well as in ESP Fairs Round the world and in Universities, Colleges, Temples, Churches, Town Halls, Public Places, Hotels and on BBC, Good Morning Shows in Canada and Australia and in US. He is a Very Well Experienced International Lecturer on all Health Matters, Spiritual Works, Bhagvada Gita and Upnishads. He helps individuals through his Discourses.

Ashwin’s Grandfather Dr. Thakorelal R. Pandya born in 1882 Speaker of Many Languages studies at Columbia University in New York from 1908-1912 and qualifies as PhD in Education, works as Social Worker in Vadodora and establishes Philanthropic Humanitarian Free Education and departs at 36 on 18th October 1918 leaving many Precedents for Grandson Ashwin to continue.

Ashwin reads Hands from his Early School days and studies Jyotish the Relationship of Earth to Planets in Action and in his Teen Years Plus gains the Knowledge of Akashic (Universal Records) through Visualisation and Journeys to Passage of Time, Reading Scholastically The Histories and Cultures of all Existing Civilisations in India Office Library, School of Oriental and African studies, British Museum, Welcome Institute of Medicine and in all Other Related Libraries in London.

He becomes a Healer through Academic Learning and as well as from Therapeutic Practices as well as in following the precepts of Sage Bharadwaj Rishi who is his Ancestor.

He performs his Duties as a Priest and in Yagna (Homage) to invoke the Lord and his Devas and Deities. He observes Ekadashis (fasts) and also days for Lord Shiva, Rama, Krishna and Four Monthly One Meal A Day Fast period.

Ashwin Yogi Epitomises the Philosophy and Pracice of Utkarsha Yoga Of Evolutionary Healing to help the Soul - Atma’s Directions to connect to Infinity - Energies - Goddess and God consciousness. The Path begins with Cleansing of all Chakras and the Endocrine System. He transforms the Individuals to Regain their Natural Health.

He is a Lifeguard and Swimming Tutor teaching Swimming, Utkarsha Yoga Breathing to Swimming Enthusiasts. He swims 5000 - 6000 meters continuously for Two to Three and Half Hours. He teaches the Beginners to develop Full Confidence when they are learning and swimming in water.

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